The LAIAD Architecture Transfer Program and Interior Design Transfer programs are for students who intend to transfer with advanced placement into a Bachelor of Architecture Program or Bachelor of Interior Design program.

The LAIAD Graduate Preparation Program is for students who already have a Bachelors degree in another discipline and want to get a Master of Architecture Degree.

The LAIAD Advanced Studies in American Space Program is a design studio intended for advanced students and practicing professionals

The LAIAD Summer Program for international students is a short design, rendering, and portfolio studio that helps international students to improve their design and portfolio skills.


is a rethinking of Architectural education.

Are you interested in a career in Architecture or Interior Design? LAIAD is a unique alternative. The Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design (LAIAD) is a small private school founded in 2001 to provide an alternative way for students to begin their architecture or design educational process.

A Rethinking of Architectural Education

Intellectual Intensity

The LAIAD Architecture School Transfer Programs differ dramatically from most community college programs in that they reflect both the intellectual intensity and conceptual nature of the first 2 years of leading design-oriented private colleges and universities. The unique LAIAD 1-year Master of Architecture Preparation program is designed to be very similar to the first year of leading Master of architecture programs, so that our students can apply to these programs with well suited portfolios and abilities.

Individual Attention

LAIAD has very small class sizes (6-12 students) as well as personally designed studio programs. This allows us to adapt projects to each individual student’s interests and abilities and allow students to focus on the development of their own personal design process.

Practical Experiences

We offer an internship program and interior design school whereby many of our students are placed as interns in the offices of some of the top architects and designers in Los Angeles. Internship opportunities are subject to availability, but many of our students have worked in one or more architecture or design offices during their studies at LAIAD.

Flexible Curriculum

We have designed our program so that students can take studio courses at their own pace and can explore different areas of Design and Architecture. This allows students to decide which area of design they wish to pursue before they enter a university program.

Evening Studios

LAIAD courses are taught in the evenings from 6 pm to 10 pm to allow students to maintain employment or take general education classes during the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class schedule?

LAIAD has evening hours from 6pm-10pm on Mondays and Thursdays. See the detailed Calendar >

Where are the classes taught?

General Education is taught at the WLAC campus. Architecture classes are taught at LAIAD, 3580 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1180 Los Angeles CA 90010.

How much is tuition?

It all depends on which program you enroll in. For more information >

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